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Islamabad is the romantic city of Pakistan. The posh and serene nature of Islamabad is something everyone falls for. So, if you are thinking of having a tour around Pakistan, Islamabad should be the first stop for you. However, lots of people seem to have the wrong impression that Pakistani cities do not have any kind of good night life. As far as a big fat lie that is, we are here to guide you through the perfect nightlife with your loved ones. Let us have a look.

Islamabad Romantic Nightlife – Where to go?

Best Places To Have Fun At Night In Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the safest cities in Pakistan. Thus, you will not run out of options if you are thinking of having the best night with your loved ones. Keep reading.

  • Bars and drinks

It is true that none of the clubs or bars of Islamabad serves alcohol, but you can surely enjoy a musical night in here. ‘Hot Shot’ is one of such greatest clubs of Islamabad where you can order mock-tails and enjoy the soothing romantic music with your partner by the side.

  • Shopping

Another best nightlife of Islamabad is shopping. The Jinnah Super Market is one of the famous markets of Islamabad and you can buy anything from here. The market and people here are something that you should witness. Also, it is one of the famous nightlife attractions of Islamabad as well.

  • Take a stroll

However, the best way to spend the night with your loved one in Islamabad is by taking a stroll through the city streets. Islamabad is a perfectly safe city; thus you do not have to be worried about getting mugged as well. The beautiful city streets of Islamabad are too beautiful to avoid.

  • Dinner at Monal Restaurant

But if you do not prefer doing something wild, you can always grab dinner at the most beautiful place in Islamabad i.e. the Monal restaurant. The resort at a height of 3000 ft gives a chilling view of the city and it is a perfect romantic place to propose your girlfriend with a ring.

  • Visit Shakar Parian Hills

If you and your partner are fan of getting the perfect city panorama view, the visit to Shakar Parian Hills in Islamabad would be the right choice. This place will you give a perfect panoramic view of the entire city. Located near the zero point, this place is all decorated in lush greenery and the park area of this hill is something you cannot really miss.

It is true that if you are looking for the perfect drinking night with your partner or Islamabad escort girl, Islamabad might not have many offers for you. However, if you wish, you can drink in the hotel you are staying at or you can check whether that hotel has any bar or not. Or else, you can drink in your room. And if drinking is not mandatory, you are all welcome to try all the five ways this weekend. Happy Travelling!  

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