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Karachi is the loudest city that there is in Pakistan. The messy city might have its flaws, but the colours of this place will never bore you. It does not matter whether you are travelling with your family or with your friends; there are plenty of places out there in Karachi to have fun at night. And if you are wondering which places are those, we might have just the list for you. Have a look.


Karachi is one of the cities of Pakistan that never goes out of style. Thus, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to indulge in if you are looking for anything fun outside.

The Arena

The Arena

It does not matter how much ‘Hunger Games’ this point might sound, but the Arena is one of the places in Karachi to have fun with a bunch of indoor games. This is one of the things that you can do with your family. Ice skating, bowling, rock climbing, playing miniature golf or pool – the Arena is the best place to have fun at night either with your family or friends.

Boating and dinner at Port Grand

dinner at Port Grand

Another exciting place to have fun at night in Karachi would be the Port Grand. As Karachi is blessed with a vast shoreline, it isn’t so bad to have dinner on a boat, is it? You can get a speedboat ride to have a wild night with your girlfriend as well. Also, the wide arrays of restaurants along the shoreline are surely worth a try when in Karachi.

Base Rock Cafe

Base Rock Cafe

This underground cafe is surely one of the places which you should be visited with your bachelor friends. Shaking your heads with the beats of the rock music, this isn’t yet very 80s’ is it? This is one of the best places where you can witness the open mic nights and record songs as well. And on the top of everything, they have amazing food and drinks as well.

The Grid Club

If you are an art lover, the Grid Club is the right place for you. Located in the Defence Area of Karachi, this club is a safe haven of the artists. The colourful artistic touch and the huge library will surely make your night special in Karachi. If it isn’t a peaceful night getaway, then what would be?



This is the place for the board gamers. A cafe full of different difficult board games, Pi-Social is the place to hang at night if you are with your kids. You can have something to drink and be all amazed by the types of board games that are in this place.

And if you are too mature for all these activities, you can surely find out some escort services in Karachi to get your night wild. Although alcohol is not served in Karachi publicly, you can surely drink in your hotel or any other private premises.

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